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The children’s trampoline centre consists of 14 trampolines. These trampolines are not supervised . The maximum load capacity is 80 kg. Admission to the trampolines is for 10 minutes.

Bungee trampoline

The bungee trampoline has been the most popular attraction over the last several years. Trampoline dimensions: 6.4 x 3.0 x 6.3 m. The minimum weight is 20 kg and the maximum loading capacity is 80 kg. Admission to the trampoline is for 5 minutes.

Rodeo bull

The mechanical rodeo bull is a training simulator. Everybody can try to tame the bull thanks to several degrees of difficulty and speed, and automatic and hand controls.


Archery is a popular sporting activity today. The aim is to shoot at a target as accurately as possible from various distances and make hits to obtain as many points as possible.

Giant slides

The giant slides are an attraction designed not only for children, but also nearly any adult who would like to bring back his or her childhood years. It is completely free for visitors to HEIPARK.

Rope centre

Rope activities develop physical agility, strength, endurance and creativity. The obstacles measuring 3 – 20 m in length that form the rope course are located 3 – 10 m above the ground on trees or wooden columns. You will also find a rope descent there. Participants are prevented from falling by a safety tether system.

Children’s rope park - for children up to 12 years old, minimum height 100 cm and maximum weight 70 kg. Price of admission CZK 90.
High rope park - for people over 10 years old, minimum height 140 cm, maximum weight 100 kg. Price of admission CZK 90.

Children’s rope playground JUPÍK

The new children’s rope playground offers children at HEIPARK several options for crawling, a colour tunnel and a winding slide. All-day entry to the playground is CZK 50. The playground is designed for children up to 12 years old, 50 kg and 140 cm tall.



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